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Olivia Waite is a romance author, practicing feminist, and wide-ranging dilettante.

I can has the next book now?

Ascension: A Tangled Axon Novel - Jacqueline Koyanagi

Start with Star Wars. Add some thrillingly poetic prose. And lesbians. Disabled lesbians. Disabled lesbians of color. In space. Luke Skywalker? Now a dreadlocked sky surgeon with a chronic illness and an absolute lust for space travel. Han Solo? Now a disarmingly sexy blonde lesbian spaceship captain with a hidden, desperate agenda. Leia? Now a spirit guide, semi-religious and mystical worker of illusions and empathy.


This is a marvelously fun book, not without flaws, but I'm willing to forgive flaws in a book that drops my jaw so many times. Beautiful sentences! Shocking events! Some truly gorgeous sex scenes! Highly recommended.