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Olivia Waite is a romance author, practicing feminist, and wide-ranging dilettante.

Slightly shameful self-promotion!

Color Me Bad - Olivia Waite

Please allow me to humbly ask you to consider reading and/or reviewing my most recent erotic historical, Color Me Bad, which is available from a range of sellers (Kindle, Kobo, ARe). It's the story of a gentleman painter and a lady thief, features the hilarious phrase "Chubb detector lock," and has the best imaginary paintings since the iceberg seascape in Jane Eyre. Also, look at that cover! It's rather beautiful.


If you're thinking of reviewing Color Me Bad, I would be thrilled! I ask only that you:

  • love it
  • or hate it
  • or forget it as soon as you finish
  • cherish it forever
  • write a short review
  • write a long review
  • fill that long review with GIFs
  • set all GIFs on fire
  • give the book a star rating but no text
  • never post a review but tell all your friends about it
  • tell nobody about it, but keep an eye out for the next book
  • think 'Wow that was swell' and move on to other things
  • whatever, I don't actually care what you do, time is short and life is fleeting and we all have to pick and choose how we spend our energy.


In short, please treat Color Me Bad as you would treat any book of any type, however you interpret that particular phrase, and thank you for reading this far into a truly ridiculous post. If I could bait this last sentence with a tray of reward-cookies, believe me, I would.