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Olivia Waite is a romance author, practicing feminist, and wide-ranging dilettante.

Still charming.

Murder On The Ballarat Train  - Kerry Greenwood

If only I could have a stack of all the Phyrne Fisher books, placed right beside my bed, with a cocktail easily to hand, so that as soon as I finished the one book I could pick up the next with barely a breath between.

As a side note, these books are a prime example of the female gaze: Phryne spends many paragraphs enraptured by young male beauties, and ravishing the same. It's erotic without being graphic, and a little old-fashioned, which only adds to the feeling of being charmed.


Warning for this particular volume: certain aspects of one of the mystery plots could be triggering for sexual assault survivors. This series has a habit of highlighting the dangers that young, vulnerable, and poor women are more victimized by, and that often includes forced prostitution and outright rape -- while it never quite hits the exploitation mark, it could be highly unpleasant if come upon unawares.