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Olivia Waite is a romance author, practicing feminist, and wide-ranging dilettante.

Romancing the Atom: Vignettes of the Atomic Mindset from the Radium Girls to Nuclear Green - Robert R. Johnson Episodic and anecdotal, just like the title promises -- scenes were depicted vividly and with telling details and strong emotional content, and I appreciated that the complicated politics of nuclear development (Indian lands and mineral rights, worker safety, issues of transparency and national security) were robustly presented. The science stayed mostly in the background, so if you're new to researching atomic history you might want to start somewhere else (like the underrated [b:Before The Fallout: From Marie Curie to Hiroshima|1045979|Before The Fallout From Marie Curie to Hiroshima|Diana Preston|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1316637764s/1045979.jpg|1032405].