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Olivia Waite is a romance author, practicing feminist, and wide-ranging dilettante.

A Lady Never Surrenders - Sabrina Jeffries In his first scene, our hero describes the heroine's sister Miranda -- who was the heroine of a previous book in the series -- as having "all the lush charms of a dockside tart." (Stay classy, Jackson!) Whereas Celia, our current heroine, is tall and athletic like a "Greek goddess." I have rarely wanted so badly to reach into a book and punch a character in the face. This judgey little moment is followed by many, many scenes where the hero passive-aggressively flagellates himself aloud for either being morally better than or socially inferior to the heroine and her family. While his need to change this part of himself does become a plot point, watching him snarl at imagined insults for well over half the book is not nearly as much fun as the author would have you think. I only finished the book because the five-book mystery arc is a siren call I find hard to resist. Even when the mystery is pretty thin, as here.